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Monthly Resources Roundup (February 2021)

Subthalamic deep brain stimulation induces finely-tuned gamma oscillations in the absence of levodopa C. Wiest, G. Tinkhauser, A. Pogosyan, S. He, F. Baig, F. Morgante, A. Mostofi, E. A. Pereira, H. T

Monthly Resources Roundup (January 2021)

Cortical hemodynamic mapping of subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation in Parkinsonian patients, using high-density functional near-infrared spectroscopy Mahdi Mahmoudzadeh, Fabrice Wallois, Mélis

Monthly Resources Roundup (December 2020)

Deep Brain Stimulation Selection Criteria for Parkinson’s Disease: Time to Go beyond CAPSIT-PD Carlo Alberto Artusi, Leonardo Lopiano, Francesca Morgante J Clin Med. 2020 Dec; 9(12): 3931. Published o

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