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"Improving the quality of life for individuals with DBS through clinical care, education, research and innovation."

DBSNA's aspiration is to exemplify the ethical and clinical responsibilities of DBS nurses and the recognition for their contribution to high quality patient care and their vital role in the progression of knowledge in the field of neuromodulation.

DBS nurses' role is central throughout the patient journey from the assessment and selection of patients for DBS all the way through the surgery; moreover, their role extends to the life-long care required for DBS implanted patients by providiing support for patients, carers and family. DBS nurses are advanced expert practitioners with specialised skills and knowledge in DBS nursing care. Most have extended roles such as independent prescribing. DBS nurses are also leaders and innovators in service improvement; they are independent practitioners in the management of patient care; they are contributors in research; they are educators of patients and family; as well as educators of nurses, medical professionals and allied professionals; also, they are collaborators in the development of ground-breaking designs in medical device and treatment.

DBSNA has humble beginnings, 3 DBS nurses from the UK first conceptualised DBSNA over a glass of wine during the 2013 International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Congress in Sydney, Australia. They recognise the contribution of DBS nurses in the care of patients with DBS implants which includes support for family and carers; they are vital contributors in the improvements in the clinical practice and knowledge in the specialist field of DBS.

The DBS nursing team, led by Lynne Nelson and Claire Keeley in Sheffield Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, hosted the first gathering of DBS nurses on March 5-6, 2014. On this assembly, they established DBSNA and elected the first committee members. They identified the association's objectives and proposed projects to be undertaken by the committee and its members. They also nominated the host city / NHS Trust for the subsequent conference meetings. Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust led by Jamilla Kausar hosted the 2nd DBSNA conference on March 18-19, 2015. On March 17-18, 2016, Una Brechany and Russell Mills from Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital NHS Foundation Trust hosted the 3rd DBSNA conference. The 4th DBSNA conference was hosted by North Bristol NHS Trust, led by Lucy Mooney and her team on March 16-17, 2017.

In 2018, the DBSNA welcomed UK and international delegates from Sweden, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey and Netherlands for the first International DBSNA Conference; a collaboration between National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery - University College London Hospitals NHS Trust led by Joseph Candelario-McKeown and hist team and Sarah Perides from Evelina London Children's Healthcare - Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust.

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