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Joseph Candelario-Mckeown is a surgical movement disorder – deep brain stimulation –nurse specialist for 10 years at Unit of Functional Neurosurgery – National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen square, London. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the Philippines in 1995. He worked as a chief nurse in his local hospital prior to moving to UK. He worked in NHNN since 2002. He was a deputy nurse manager in a neurology ward before he was inspired to work in movement disorder speciality. He recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Advance Nursing Practice with distinction.



Sarah is a Paediatric Advanced Nurse Practitioner working with the Complex Motor Disorder Service at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital, one of the largest paediatric DBS centres internationally. She has over 9 years’ experience working with deep brain stimulation and other motor disorder management and treatment strategies including intrathecal baclofen and polypharmacy. Within paediatric movement disorders her speciality is dystonia covering genetic, acquired, idiopathic and neurodegenerative aetiologies, she has experience in DBS programming, troubleshooting, assessment and selection of all subgroups. Her current interests include transitioning young people with movement disorders to adult services and the positive impact that deep brain stimulation can have on painful dystonia. She believes wholly in multi-disciplinary care and the importance of life long support




Lucy Partington-Smith is the DBS and advanced therapy Specialist Nurse at Salford Royal Foundation Trust. Lucy has worked in Salford within this specialised role since 2009. She is the current chair of the Deep Brain stimulation nursing association (DBSNA). Lucy is passionate about her role, she believes in setting and achieving gold standard care for her patient group and together with the DBSNA committee, strives for unification of patient care, implementation and delivery to benefit our patients and their carer’s and to enhance their experience in a positive manner.


Committee Member

I qualified as a registered general nurse in 1988 and I have worked in the Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust neurosciences department since 1989. During this time I have worked in both neurology and neurosurgery, caring for patients with acute and chronic neurological/neurosurgical conditions. As my career has progressed I have completed the neuro course and clinical skills training and I am an independent prescriber. I have been in my current role caring for patients undergoing deep brain stimulator surgery since 2013 and I also look after and manage patients with intrathecal drug pump implants. I take an active role within my hospital trust including being a member of the non-medical prescribers committee. My job is very rewarding and I work in an excellent team of dedicated staff at the Royal Victoria Infirmary neurosciences department in Newcastle.



Vice Chair

Una Brechany qualified as a registered General Nurse in 1982 and has extensive experience in theatre placements. In 1999 she joined the Movement Disorder team as a Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist and was instrumental in setting up the DBS service in Newcastle. She is an independent prescriber. Una is very involved with teaching and welcome many of our national and international colleagues to our centre as well as running DBS courses.


Committee Member

Beth completed her BSc in Adult Nursing in 2003 and has worked predominantly in the field of Neurosurgery since this time.  She joined the Oxford Functional Neurosurgical Team at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, in 2008 where she is now the Nursing Lead for the Surgical Movement Disorder Deep Brain Stimulation Service.    The service cares for those undergoing DBS and lesional surgery for Parkinson’s disease, Dystonia and Tremor.  She is an independent prescriber and has a post graduate certificate in Health Sciences (Nursing).   She enjoys taking an active role in educational programmes run within the Neurosciences department, and loves working as a DBS Specialist Nurse.



Committee Member

Lucy is the Lead Movement Disorder Nurse Specialist for the Advanced Treatment Service at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.  She joined the DBS service in 2004, having previously been a ward sister in Neurology.  Lucy is responsible for managing the nursing team who work as part of the Advanced Treatment Service.  Her clinical role includes assessing patients’ suitability for DBS, preparing them for surgery, programming the stimulators and managing the patients’ condition in conjunction with their neurologist following surgery. Lucy has also established the Duodopa pathway at Southmead, and is responsible for assessing the patients’ suitability for treatment and providing on-going care in conjunction with their local team once they are established on treatment.
Lucy has been involved in surgical research studies for the treatment of Parkinson’s and was the lead research nurse for the GDNF trial.  She is deputy director of the MOVE-hIT (Health Integration Team for Parkinson’s and Other Movement Disorders), clinical lead for the Movement Disorders PPI group at Southmead, runs patient support groups and is Patron for the Bristol Branch of Parkinson’s UK. 
Lucy has written a number of publications for patients regarding DBS; she lectures on post-registration nursing courses and for the PD Academy, and speaks at various other meetings and conferences.


Committee Member

Alison Leake has been a Parkinson's Disease Nurse Specialist since 2004. The DBS service started at St Georges Hospital, South West London in 2016 and Alison began her DBS involvement at that time.

At St Georges Hospital the Tertiary service supports all three non oral therapy treatments,  it is the regional neuro science centre and also runs the local Movement disorder service. Alison works alongside 2 other PDCNS and a larger team of Neurologist, Neurosurgeons and researchers.

Alison Is also part of the Clinical leadership Team for Parkinsons Uk Excellance Network and heads the NMP Forum within the Trust.

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